Steps To Selling Your Home


Meet with Me

We’ll set up a no-obligation meeting to go over your options and plan your next steps.


Establish a Price

I’ll provide a market analysis so you can consider your home price objectively.


Prepare your Home

Viewing your home through the eyes of the buyer, we will come up with a staging strategy to get the most money for your house.


Listing it for Sale

When everything is in place, I’ll put your home on the market so that potential buyers can view it and possibly see it on short notice. (So be prepared!)


Offers and Negotiation

I’ll present you with offers, and we’ll go over the benefits and risks of each one. You can accept or counter any offer!


Under Contract

Both parties have agreed and signed to all terms of the offer


Final Details

While under contract, the buyer will work with their mortgage provider to finalize the loan. They will also most likely perform an inspection of the house. You may be asked to make certain repairs, and I’ll be there during every step of the inspection process!



You’re almost done selling your home! Now comes the transfer of funds and ownership.


You have successfully sold your home!

Please give me a call at 720.235.5001 to learn more about the home sales process and discuss your unique situation.

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