Easy Ways To Get More For Your Home


Go through your home, and give away or get rid of any items you no longer use. Box up those knickknacks, clean off the counters and get a head start on packing. Buyers will look everywhere, so organizing cabinets and closets will make for a much better showing.



Pack away those personal items and photos. Potential buyers have a hard time looking past these things. You want a buyer to picture themselves living in the home with their pictures on the wall.


Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is key to a good first impression. Make sure mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and trim the bushes. Planting some flowers is a good way to freshen up the front of a home. Make sure the exterior of your home is clean, and repair any items that might need attention. If the exterior of your home is in disrepair, buyers will assume the interior is in bad condition as well.



A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color is an inexpensive way to enhance the appearance of your home.



Basic repairs like patching holes, fixing leaky faucets, doors that don’t close and replacing light bulbs will make a much better first impression.



Deep clean your home from top to bottom, cleaning windows, trim, refrigerator and oven. Remember, buyers, look everywhere. Once your home is for sale, it’s important that you keep the house clean.

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