Smart Home Features: Smart HVAC System

As technology advances, homeowners are incorporating more and more “smart” features in their homes – from light bulbs to refrigerators to air conditioning. But when it comes to heating and cooling your Colorado home, what makes an HVAC system “smart?” Is a smart HVAC system really valuable?

Chiller Systems Service answers questions about smart HVAC systems in the guest post below.

What You Need to Know About a Smart HVAC System

As the world continues to evolve technologically, there are a lot more eco-friendly solutions that you can add to your home to better the planet. A smart HVAC system is one of the many devices you can use in your home to benefit the environment and make your life a whole lot easier.
In this blog, we will highlight what smart HVAC devices are, how they work, and how they can be advantageous to your life, house, and the planet.

What Are Smart HVAC Systems?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Smart HVAC systems simplify how you use and control your devices. They make it easier to heat and cool your house quickly and conveniently. Some systems also include smart sensors, which monitor and track the user’s behavior to provide a more customized heating and cooling system.

How a Smart HVAC System Works

Smart HVAC systems allow users to wirelessly connect and control their system through WiFi or Bluetooth. This means you can manage the temperature of your house remotely from your phone, tablet, or other devices. You can also program the system to change the temperature in your home before you wake up or get home so that you aren’t wasting energy.

Benefits of Smart HVAC Systems

Lower Electric Bill

The best part about using a smart HVAC system is that it will lower your energy bill. Because you can better manage your system and ensure you’re using less energy, it will help you really save on your bill. Reports show that just by switching to a Smart system, you can cut your energy bill by at least 20 percent.

Help the Environment

Using a smart HVAC system will also help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. This will help you become more environmentally friendly and do better things for the planet.

Produce Cleaner Air

Not only does a smart HVAC system cool and heat your house, it also provides cleaner air. Having cleaner air will allow you to reduce drafts, stuffiness, and allergens that linger in the air. Some smart systems can even detect when there are elevated levels of carbon dioxide and increase the level of fresh air to stabilize levels.

Get Remote Access

As mentioned above, you can access your smart HVAC system remotely. If you’re out of town for a while and need to adjust the air in your home, it’s no problem. Or if you want to start cooling or heating your home before you get there, it just takes a few taps on your smartphone.

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in Colorado. If you’re interested in buying a home with smart features like this, me know know. I can set up custom searches to find homes for sale with smart features that match your lifestyle.