Home Theater Ideas

Retreat to your home theater! A cool basement, comfortable seat, and good movie provide the perfect escape from Colorado’s summer heat.

From seating to lighting to decor, a home theater can be a unique and comfortable space to relax in your home.

Keep it Dark

There is a reason most home theaters are in the basement — it’s dark. The ideal room for a home theater is one with no windows. If you have small windows in your theater space, invest in high-quality curtains that can block out the sunlight. Dark colored carpet and paint can also create a cave-like atmosphere perfect for movie watching.

home theater lighting

Dimmable Lighting

Because you don’t want your home theater to be an actual cave, you’ll need lighting in the room. Look for dimmable lights that can give you more control over the space. New smart home features, like smart bulbs, allow you to control lights from your phone or pre-schedule “TV Time” for your home theater.

home theater individual seating

Creative Seating

A home theater gives you an opportunity to try creative furniture in your home. Find a matching set of individual chairs to create a true theater experience. Recliners with side tables give everyone in the family and your guests their personal space to take in the film.

home theater couches

Comfortable Couches

Watching a movie in the comfort of your own home also gives you permission to be totally comfortable! If individual seating isn’t your style, instead place comfortable couches in your home theater. Having a raised platform allows you to have multiple levels of seating without blocking other viewers. Toss in a few blankets and pillows to make yourself comfortable!

home theater decor carpet theme

Theater Decor

Embrace the home theater atmosphere with movie-themed decor! This carpet, with images of film reels and buckets of popcorn, is perfect for a home theater. You can also add posters from your favorite movies, a popcorn machine, and other Hollywood inspired decor to complete your home theater.